Meet the Coolest Web Development/Design Agency, Ever.

Collaborative, synergistic, and creative. The Green Egg Media team tackles every project with efficiency and 'out-of-the-box' thinking.

We are IT Consultants.
We are your partners in technological and business success.

We are not simply contractors, awaiting our assignments—expecting you to have all the answers. We’re expert strategists here to work along side you to plan and execute.

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The GEM Team

Founded in San Francisco and now based in Denver, GEM has pulled together an awesome specialized team of consultants and producers to plan your project and then make it happen.

Lance Johnson

Lance Johnson


Before starting Green Egg Media, Lance had a varied career path. He worked in the Hollywood film industry on projects like Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban and RENT and he also worked in public finance for the University of California. Since starting Green Egg Media in 2008, Lance has stayed on top of trends in web development and has always endeavored to provide cutting edge solutions to our clients.

Maureen Dillon

Maureen Dillon

Consultant & Scrum Master

When you work with us, Maureen is the main project management point of contact during your project. She has been with GEM for 3 years and her experience in operations and project management makes her an awesome resource in developing and implementing project strategy in service of complete client success. Weaknesses? She doesn’t have any…unless you count Wild Berry Skittles and a good glass of cab (not together, of course).

Miguel Rubio

Miguel Rubio

Consultant & Developer

Miguel has been involved in web development since he was in High School. In total Miguel has more than 10 years of development experience. Later on, Miguel joined the Green Egg Team in 2015. Miguel is also a Father of two, is a musician as a hobby, and also runs on coffee.

Alan Hernandez

Alan Hernandez

Consultant & Designer

Alan has had experience in designing responsive UI for iOS apps, websites and company logos. One of the most notable projects Alan has worked on is the redesign the Green Egg Media corporate website. Alan's interests include Anime, Post Modern Contemporary Art, criticizing poorly designed UI, and enjoying sushi.

Successful Projects
Hours of Coding
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Core Principles

These are just a few of the things that we absolutely believe in.


    Mutual success comes when we act as partners in your project. We first listen to you in order to gain an understanding of your needs and goals, with a top priority of being in tune with you and your customers. With that, we develop a strategy to move you toward the most valuable and personalized solution available.


    Creativity is what allows us to craft strategies and build solutions in spite of all kinds of variables such as budget, timeline, legacy systems, scalability, and others. There is no impossible problem for a creative team like ours.


    Like you, we want to get each job done right. With a robust, creative plan in place, our consultants and producers work with you to deliver solutions that will help your business grow and delight your stakeholders and customers.


Manga Hero

Agile In Action

When Manga Hero came to us, they were preparing to release several new volumes of their graphic novel series, and they needed a refresh of their corporate website. At the same time, they wanted to bring together a fractured brand identity, since they were previously running a separate website for each of their books, each with its own design, despite the fact that the graphic novels being promoted were all related to each other. Later, they hosted several give-away events that needed custom technical work, and they also asked us to help them produce a series of videos as part of a major event they were taking part in.

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