AT&T Jumps the Gun on Nexus 6

At first glance, it seems like it’s a page for any other phone - the LG G3 Vigor - but a close inspection of the page shows that AT&T may have jumped the gun a bit on releasing some information about the new Google Nexus 6. The Google Nexus 6 hasn’t been announced by Google yet. In fact, they haven’t even officially confirmed that there will be a Nexus 6, though, as Elon Musk recently said at the Vanity Fair New Establishment Summit, “the internet is pretty good at figuring these things out.” All signs point to a new Google Nexus phone - or phablet, as is likely more appropriate.

AT&T Lists the Nexus 6 for Sale

AT&T Lists the Nexus 6 for Sale

Over the past few months, there have been constant rumors about the next Nexus phone. Would it be manufactured by LG again? Motorola? Perhaps back to Samsung? What size screen would it have? Was this going to be even larger than the iPhone 6 Plus?

At this point, it seems almost certain that the Nexus 6 is going to be manufactured by Motorola and it will be a powerhouse of a device with a 5.9” display. The AT&T page for the LG G3 Vigor seems to confirm that it will be released soon, and that it will be made by Motorola. On the “People Also Viewed” sidebar of the page a device is listed as the Motorola Nexus 6 with a contract price of $49.99. When we first heard rumor that AT&T had this listed on their website, we thought it a dubious claim, but after checking the website for ourselves, we confirmed it - the listing was there. We just took these screenshots a few minutes ago.

Important to note is that the phone shown in the screenshot from the AT&T website is not actually the Nexus 6. It is actually the LG Vista, so it is entirely possible that the price posted is also not accurate. I expect that someone was getting the product page ready in advance of today’s anticipated announcement and, while the complete product details page is nowhere to be found, that didn’t prevent it from showing up in that pesky “Also Viewed” sidebar.

Update: Since our initial posting, AT&T seems to have completely disabled the “People Also Viewed” and “People Also Purchased” sidebars.

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