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New Partnership Announcement: Skye O’Dell (SO Services, LLC)

Green Egg Media is pleased to announce our strategic partnership with Skye O'Dell. Sharing common goals and ideas, this partnership will provide clients with the ability to bring a custom design into their development project (and into all of their other marketing channels, too). 

This partnership will allow clients to enjoy a streamlined experience between the design their company needs and the technical expertise required to build and maintain their website, mobile apps, or other internal software systems. 

"The Green Egg Media team is thrilled to partner with Skye O'Dell. Skye is dedicated to delivering high-quality service that is focused on helping clients reach their goals. Talking with Skye is like talking to an old friend. She’s an excellent listener which really helps her to understand her clients' business and the way they see their brand. This process results in visual designs for website and print marketing that truly reflect the brand and the people behind it, " says Megan Greene, Director of Sales and Marketing for Green Egg Media. 

“I am a firm believer that customers benefit from multiple minds and capabilities contributing to their projects.  Being able to partner with Green Egg Media increases the talent pool for our combined clients — A true WIN-WIN.” -- Skye O'Dell. 

About Skye O'Dell

Skye O'Dell provides logos, graphics, and website design as well as engaging creative materials for advertisement campaigns, marketing efforts, courseware design, and interactive training programs. WordPress design, implementation, and management/maintenance have become a cornerstone of her business in the past few years, adding to Skye’s overall success and skillset.  Being a technical person with an artistic eye, Skye is able to promote the best of both worlds in every client’s ongoing need for online excellence.

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