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New Partnership Announcement: Heidster Designs

Green Egg Media is pleased to announce our strategic partnership with Heidster Design. This partnership will allow clients to enjoy a streamlined experience between the design their company needs and the technical expertise required to build and maintain their website, mobile apps, or other internal software systems. 

"The Green Egg Media team is thrilled to partner with Heidster Design. We believe that every brand should have a design that reflects who they are - not just some out-of-the-box template that someone else thought was cool. Our partnership with Heidster Design will allow our clients to have access to a trusted partner who can craft designs to bring their unique brand to life. Heide's work is so unique and versatile that the design concepts can easily transition into whatever medium your brand requires - website, print, digital marketing, merchandise, you name it," says Megan Greene, Director of Sales & Marketing for Green Egg Media. 

"The best part of my "job" is having the opportunity to be involved in so many areas of the marketplace; it gives me the chance to expand my experience and further stretch the bounds of my creativity. A partnership with Green Egg Media will further enhance those opportunities and I look forward to working with Megan, her team, and their clients," says Heide Randall, founder of Heidster Design. 

About Heidster Design

After a couple of decades as a UI/UX designer in the LMS industry, working for a large organization, Heide Randall branched out on her own and founded Heidster Design in 2015. Heide offers all different facets of graphic, web, and UI design including logo design, custom websites (new and existing), print and pre-press production, social media collateral, email campaigns, corporate branding/rebranding, presentation decks (PowerPoint and Google Slides), proposal graphics, trade show exhibits, as well as cross-media projects. Heide's diverse list of clients ranges from marketing departments of large corporations to product owners at small start-ups to volunteers at non-profits. 

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