5 Tips to Increase In-App Purchases

- Megan Greene 01.28.2021

If you’re considering building a mobile app for your business, or you already have one that’s not quite meeting the sales, adoption or user rate expectations you anticipated, it’s time to take a look at a few changes that can boost your in-app purchases. Whether you built your app to sell, play, inform, or create, your app puts your brand in the palm of the hands of your users on a daily basis. If you don’t have an app already, adding a mobile app to your arsenal of marketing and sales tools will increase user engagement, conversion rates, and revenue. However, just like a website or other marketing collateral, your business must create opportunities for engagement that are of value to the user. Let’s take a look at 5 strategies that will help bolster those in-app sales numbers for your business. 

Promotional Offers

Nobody wants to spend extra money if they don’t have to. Offering limited-time discounts, sales, promotions or holiday-specific promotions are a great way to bring users back into your app with a specific focus rather than just browsing or “checking it out.” Advertising the promotional offer through multiple channels will also help encourage additional downloads of the app. Simple advertising methods like a website pop-up, a text message or email to your opt-in list will help drive traffic back to your app for an app-specific promotional offer. Be clear in your promotional messaging with where you want users to go, and what you want them to do once they get there. If you want them to spend money, don’t be afraid to use targeted language to clearly and effectively get the point across. Confusion equals lost revenue and negative experience with your brand. 

Avoid the pitfall of offering the same deal for prolonged periods of time or too frequently. The promotional offer should be something that entices users to visit your app with a sense of urgency, not a deal they know they can get any other day of the week. 

Utilize Push Notifications

Having your app icon in the app drawer of so many users is a fast and easy way to keep your brand in their minds, even if it’s not always a conscious recognition. However, just being in the app drawer of your user isn’t enough. It is essential to the success of your app to create the desire to engage with and use the app. Utilizing push notifications to send messages to users that “it’s time to play” or “we haven’t seen you in a while” are a great way to increase app usage and time spent in-app. Time spent in-app, of course, relates well to in-app purchases. 

Take into consideration the timing of your notification and what the target demographic of your audience is doing about that time. Select times for push notifications to be sent to your users that will align with the ability to use the app at the moment they receive the notification. For example, students cannot play a level of your game during school hours, and employees with 8-5 desk jobs aren’t likely to start an online shopping spree at 10am. Analyze app usage data and peak usage times to determine the best times to send push notifications to your target demographic. 

Offer a Loyalty Program

Encourage repeat business within your app by offering a loyalty program. Loyalty programs offer repeat customers a chance to earn rewards after specific criteria are met. The rewards criteria can be as unique as you want, but the more simple the program, the easier it is for both users and administrators. Some of the easiest programs to implement are dollar-to-points programs. Each dollar equates to a specific number of points that are accrued and stored within the customer profile. Once point goals are met, users can convert points into discounts, dollars, or whatever unique reward you choose.  

Offer the Convenience of Guest Checkout

It’s always best if a user to your app creates a profile within the app. It allows for targeted marketing and usage tracking. However, many app users are wary when they first download a new app if they aren’t certain they will use it for a prolonged period of time or are just checking it out. Allow users to explore the initial levels of your app without requiring a profile, or guest checkout if your app is m-commerce. 

Offer Free and Premium Content Levels

Most app users don’t want to pay upfront if they don’t actually know what they are getting for their money. Offering layers of content to pique their interest is a great way to gain user confidence and prove that the content has value to them. Offer a few free levels of your game, for example. After the success criteria for those initial free levels have been met, offer levels of premium content behind paywalls. Adding premium content layers with multiple payment options (per month, unlimited, buy extra lives, etc) that will appeal to a variety of budgets will encourage consistent in-app purchases - especially when users are hungry for that new content. 

Keep in mind, adding premium content layers only works if what your app is offering has value to the user. Don’t offer premium content that doesn’t provide additional value or if the free content isn’t engaging. Utilizing user data and engagement rates will help you determine where the natural break between free and premium content should be. 

As business leaders, there is always a long list of “to-do’s” and many of them are vying for a place at the top of the priority list. If you, like many leaders, find that making changes to your app is a priority but finding the time and skills it takes to complete the work is a challenge, Green Egg Media can help. Trusting your app development project to Green Egg Media frees up your time to focus on other key business development areas while providing peace of mind that the work you need to be done will be completed with accuracy and professionalism. Schedule a call with me today and let's chat about how Green Egg Media can help you, or, learn more about adding a mobile app to your suite of tools by clicking here

Megan Greene is the Director of Marketing at Green Egg Media, a custom software development agency based in Denver, Colorado. Green Egg Media provides software solutions to help bring your unique ideas to life with software that is designed and tailored for your business. Megan's passion is relationship building and helping businesses overcome challenges. 
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