7 Signs It’s Time to Update Your WWW

- Lance Johnson 01.11.2016


“The company’s website needs an update” – you’ve probably been thinking about this yourself if an employee or customer hasn’t already told you about it. However, you may have a few things in mind that are preventing you from calling a web developer right now. For instance, your website may still be less than two years old, which is the average age for websites. You may also believe that having a website is just a mere formality rather than a necessity for your brick and mortar business.  Still, there are a lot of reasons you may need to change your mind.

For starters, HubSpot reports that 78% of all product research starts online. Therefore, you need to be on the web for your clients to find you. Moreover, Google tends to change its algorithm numerous times. You’ll need to make the necessary changes to remain in the spotlight to ensure consistent traffic flows to your site. On the other hand, the costs of web design and development can deter you from realizing the pros right away. So, before you spend a single dime, check your current site for the following seven signs to determine its readiness for change.

#1: The Website Doesn’t Load Properly on Mobile Devices

If your website isn’t loading fully or properly on smartphones and tablets, you need to update it right away. Considering the fact that the world has gone mobile, your clients will be offended at the fact that you’re lagging behind. Some may even decide to take their business to your competitors if their websites are more interactive. Clients aside, you’ll face Google’s wrath since user experience is a top priority, pushing your SERP ranking below other sites flaunting the prestigious tag ‘mobile-friendly’ next to their listings.

#2: The Site Lacks a Content Management System

You NEED to have a CRM in place for you or a professional to edit your content, add products, or change promotions on a regular basis. Aside from ensuring the accuracy of the information on your site, it’ll help you keep your website content fresh without writing a single line of code. As a result, your search engine rankings will receive a boost, which equals more traffic. Besides, you’ll be able to roll out promotions without delay, attracting new clients, and keeping your existing ones interested in your offerings. If you haven’t already, add the missing CRM right away.

#3: Your Content is Static

Do you have the same content you had when you launched your site? If so, it’s time for a change. You need to match the current demand by posting useful information and valuable content regularly. Plus, the more pages you have indexed, the more traffic your site will get. If you can’t afford hiring a copywriter to give your content a makeover, have the web developer set up a blog. Blogs will help you reach out to a larger client base, providing different readers with well-written content. Meanwhile, they’ll establish your authority since you or one of your talented employees can write from experience.

#4: The Site or Brand Isn’t as Credible as the Competition

You may think that you have the best site in your niche, but there’s always a chance that there’s someone who has outdone you. For instance, if you own a sports bar in San Francisco, search for the term ‘Sports Bar, San Francisco’. Take a look at how your competitors have showcased their brand and offerings, and then compare that to what you see on your own site. You can then decide whether you need a new layout, new logo, or a whole new website to match the expectations your competitors have set.

#5: The Site’s Current SEO Plan isn’t Working

If your SEOs haven’t been successful in getting the traffic they promised, maybe now’s the time to go beyond on-page optimization and meta descriptions. Contrary to what you might think, web developers have a prominent role in optimizing your website and making it more search engine friendly. In addition to integrating keywords in the back end code, they can implement structured data. If this is the first time you’ve heard of it, don’t worry. This is one of the latest technologies that benefit developers, SEOs and their clients. Basically, structured data is added to each page’s HTML markup, allowing search engines to create rich snippets (small pieces of information that appear in search results). This further improves your brand’s image since most of the big companies have already embraced this technique.

#6: Your Marketers are Having a Tough Time

A good, robust website is one that allows you to effectively carry out your marketing campaigns. However, your marketers may have a tough time converting leads, causing them to clash with your sales team at times. Unfortunately, both parties may be suffering because of your website. For instance, if it isn’t interactive, your marketing efforts will be affected. After all, your visitors aren’t getting the chance to comment on your content or provide feedback. If the conversation doesn’t become two-way soon, you could lose your prospective and existing clients.

#7: Your Site is Preventing You from Expanding Your Business

Offering online discounts, coupons, and merchandise can help you grow your business. Even if you tap into social networks, you can easily expand your reach beyond your current client base. However, if these seem close to impossible right now, chances are your site is the culprit. You need to take a good look at its ability to expand and dynamically change. If that isn’t possible, call a web developer right away.

You may be missing out on opportunities by discovering at least one of these signs in your current website. From more traffic to more social mentions, all the way to more sales – you can reap all the benefits of having a website as long as you keep it up to date and entrust its development to a reliable professional or a reputable company. 

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