Amazing Parallax Scrolling Effects in Website Design

- Ethan Thomas 03.10.2015


Parallax scrolling is a website design technique that is getting popular these days. It incorporates moving images in the background and the foreground at different speeds to use 3D-like or hypnotic animated effects. It is a clever design technique, which when used right can generate favorable user experiences.

Pros Of Using Parallax Scrolling Effects

It can ignite user interest. With the use of parallax scrolling, you can not only draw visitors  to share the experience, but also keep them engaged. Parallax scrolling can be used to create interesting stories that can be enhanced with the right music.

You can use parallax scrolling to generate curiosity for your visitors. You can create stories that will have them follow an animated character to some adventure or do actions that would be fun for them. So it is a great way to generate user interest and pass information about your products at the same time. It can also be used to direct your visitor’s attention to where you want. 

It can make a website unique. Parallax scrolling is a great design technique to make your website appear different than the usual navigation and features. You can present your story in a fun way.

It can help with better product description. With parallax scrolling, you can showcase your products in 3D. It is a good way to launch new products or showcase a product from all angles. Parallax scrolling is also useful when you want to convey the benefits of your products or services in a fun way. You can use an animated character that lists the benefits of a new product through an interesting story. It is an effective way to engage the users while you list out the salient features of your products.

Parallax scrolling can be used for effective landing pages. It can help the user focus on a single element, which improves the chances of translating visits into sales.

It is a good feature to use for websites that are not text-heavy. You can use images and interactive features to convey a lot of information. Parallax scrolling can liven up an otherwise plain website that has less text and images. 

Cons Of Using Parallax Scrolling Effects

Parallax scrolling makes pages load slow. This is because it packs a lot of content – usually graphics – on a single page. When the page load takes longer than a few seconds there is always a risk of the visitors moving away from the site. It is easy to move onto the next thing on the internet as there is always something better waiting to be discovered or old hangouts to visit. Parallax scrolling is good for drawing visitors into the experience once they are viewing the site. However, how many new visitors will wait patiently for the site to load? It is a risk many businesses are not willing to take.

Parallax scrolling can impact SEO negatively. It is true to a certain extent. Parallax scrolling means all keyword ranking has to be done for one page. It is certainly not easy to do and could lead to a lower ranking. Availability of one page also means less ways to update content for your website, which for sites without parallax scrolling is quite easy to do.

Parallax scrolling is not compatible with mobile devices. In most cases a website with parallax scrolling doesn’t work well with mobile devices. So companies need to make another website that is optimized for mobile use. It could be problematic for businesses with limited budgets. Also some may not find it worthwhile to invest in building a parallax scrolling website when a large majority of users browse the web through their mobile devices.

Parallax scrolling is not ideal for analytics. It is not easy to measure user engagement as there is only one page as a reference. The fact is that though user engagement is more for a website with parallax scrolling, it can’t be measured to prove its efficacy. 

How to Make it Work

For those who want to use parallax scrolling, but are not happy about the limitations it comes with, there are certain workarounds to it.

To minimize loading time, you can use pages with minimal animation, content and graphics. You can utilize a design that will help you gain a few precious seconds of leeway in terms of loading time. Another way to use parallax scrolling is to have the home page designed with it and keep the other pages simple. It can eliminate the problem of slow load times.

Even if parallax scrolling impacts SEO negatively in some cases, it makes up by generating more buzz and better user engagement. Happy users might mention the website on their social accounts or link it on their pages. In any case, better user engagement can lead to an increase in traffic.

Future of Parallax Scrolling

Parallax scrolling can be used to great advantage in website designs and its pros certainly outweigh its cons. As of now it is still popular and certainly hasn’t been overused or run its course. When used effectively, it can prove profitable for businesses by improving user engagement and boosting repeated visits. It can be ideal for some. If you give prime importance to analytics, then parallax scrolling might not be the best choice for you. Same is true when you want to use multiple keywords for your website.

Utilizing parallax scrolling can be great for your website in certain cases. You can ask yourself these questions before opting for it:

Is it the best way for you to tell your story?
Can you go for combination pages with the home page using parallax scrolling and others without it?
Do you need heavy SEO traffic?

For those who are reluctant to use it for fear of slow loading pages or other reasons, with certain tweaks it is quite possible to use amazing parallax scrolling effects on your website to suit your preferences. 

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