New Year Tech Checklist

Clear out the clutter, eliminate unused apps, and reclaim some of the dollars that you’re currently wasting. 
- Megan Greene 01.13.2021

Starting a new year is an opportunity to start fresh, to begin anew, or to make changes. In addition to vowing to eat healthier, exercise more, or read more books, it’s also a time to evaluate the status of your business tech and clear out the clutter and reclaim some of the dollars that you’re currently wasting. 




You likely have more subscriptions or monthly service fees than you realize. In 2019, the average employee used at least 8 different apps to do their job, and a small business with 1-50 employees used 40 apps on average while larger organizations with 1,000+ employees tipped the charts at over 200 applications in use for day-to-day operations (source: 

You're probably utilizing SaaS applications for everything from HR and payroll to engineering, dev ops, finance, sales management, marketing, customer service/support, IT, security, business ops, product management, and more. With so many apps across multiple areas of the business, it is incredibly easy to lose track of what you’re paying for, who uses the app, and why it is being used. It’s even more common to discover that apps have been abandoned or are under-utilized for the total subscription fees you’re paying each month or year. 

Set aside some time to review your companies billing to make sure you’re looking at all of the subscriptions you’re currently paying for. Consider this a spring cleaning for your business applications. 

  • Do you actually still use the application? If not, cancel the subscription!

  • Is the total number of users/seats on that subscription accurate or can you reduce the number of users/seats to save money?

  • Are you paying for features or access levels that you no longer need?

  • Are there redundant subscriptions for the same application that are managed by different departments that could be condensed into a singular subscription for increased cost-savings? 

  • Are you using multiple applications or services to accomplish a single specific goal that could be better managed by a single, more robust application?

  • Are you paying for apps that have been abandoned?

System & Software Updates

Once you’ve cleaned up your subscriptions and (hopefully) saved yourself some money, move on to the next step: System & Software Updates. Keeping your applications and systems up to date is essential for security and performance. 

How often do you just say “remind me later” when a new update is available because that annoying little popup always appears when you’re right in the middle of something? No one wants to be bothered, but it’s easier to be bothered now than it is to be bothered by a problem caused by not being on the latest version of the application or software. Consider either setting a few minutes aside each day to update each application as you log in, or schedule some time to just get everything updated all at once. 

Now might also be a great time to evaluate any of those on-premise applications and determine if they are still the best fit for your business or if it makes sense to find a new cloud-based solution.  

Password Management

With multiple applications in use every day, managing passwords could become a part-time job. If you don’t already have one, use a password manager like 1Password (what we use here at Green Egg Media). With a password manager, your passwords are strong, unique, and secure and all you have to remember is a single master password. 

Declutter the Inbox

Reduce the clutter and the noise in your inbox to help you stay more focused and productive during the workday. Utilize the “unsubscribe” button on any email that is no longer relevant, too frequent, or simply not adding value. 

Update Your Website

Take a tour of your website and make sure all of the information is up-to-date and relevant. 

  • Have your services, products, or other offerings changed?

  • Are your staff pages, photos, and bios current? 

  • Are your hours of operation and location correct? 

  • Is your SSL certificate current? 

  • Does your website take your visitors on a journey that guides them to take action? 

  • Do you have enough call-to-action buttons to help visitors know how to get what they are seeking? 

  • Is your website platform on the most recent version? 

    • Do you know how to check for this or what to do if it isn't?

  • Consider giving your content a refresh to boost your organic SEO

  • Change out the photos on your website. Swap stock photos for authentic photos of your team or your products. 

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About the Author
Megan Greene is the Director of Marketing at Green Egg Media, a custom software development agency based in Denver, Colorado. Green Egg Media provides software solutions to help bring your unique ideas to life with software that is designed and tailored for your business. Megan's passion is relationship building and helping businesses overcome challenges. When she's not at work, Megan is an avid runner. If she's not out running, you can find her watching OU football or enjoying the sunshine. 
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