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Basket of Greene Eggs Blog: Automation: Adding Time and Value to your Business

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Basket of Greene Eggs Blog: Automation: Adding Time and Value to your Business

When I was a teacher, my position was unique. I only taught 2 days a week and the remainder of my time was spent on other technology related needs for the building. Tier 1 tech support, web development, social media and website content management, as well as overseeing the management of all of the devices for both students and staff. With that many job responsibilities, I had to be 100% on my A-Game every day. I also never knew if I’d be called in as a pinch hitter for a teacher who was out sick and couldn’t get a sub. Queue Megan the PE teacher, or Megan the Music Teacher. Or, if we had an issue during my teaching hours, I had to be able to not only manage my class but also provide assistance to the teacher whose projector was smoking. 

Top that off with the fact that I was also the PTO President at the school, a member of the School Accountability Committee, leader for our Battle of the Books teams, and leader for our Student Leadership Team. I basically lived in that school. My day-to-day life was a constant mess of chaos that required a fine-tuned method of management to keep the wheels turning. There was only 1 of me and each day required much more than 24 hours worth of work in order to sustain the number of tasks on my plate, not to mention I have 3 children, all of whom play competitive sports and participate in every club that the school can offer.

Enter the word: automation.

I discovered very early in my tenure at the school that there was simply no way to accomplish all of the tasks each day without losing my sanity. I quickly created a system of time management for myself and a strategy for deployment using automation tools for social media, website content, and Help Desk tickets, etc. 

Automation tools allowed me to appear to do multiple things at once - teach my kindergarten students about robotics, providing parents updates on the weekly happenings via social media, publishing new website content about upcoming events, while also managing our Help Desk system with a series of automated replies, all at the same time.

It is often challenging to quantify the value that automation tools can provide and, as a result, automation tools are often underutilized. But don’t be fooled, the value of automation tools IS quantifiable in many cases if a manager takes the time to analyze the time their employee is spending each day on specific tasks versus the time saving value of automation. Yes, it might be a larger time investment up front, but at the end of the week, the time savings will likely be substantial. 

I worked 37.5 hours per week. It would take me approximately 1.5 hours per day to create content and deploy content across all of our platforms prior to utilizing automation tools. That’s a total of 7.5 hours per week. That was one entire work day for me. After implementing an automation strategy, I would spend approximately 4 hours every Monday creating content to be posted to our social media platforms and website. I would schedule all of the posts in our automation tools and then pit stop in a few times a day to respond to comments or check post performance. I was able to reduce my content deployment workload from 7.5 hours per week to a mere 4.5 to 5 hours per week, or less!

There are a wide variety of automation tools out there, but often businesses will need more than just marketing or content deployment automation. Depending on the needs of your business, a custom software application for automation or to simplify a time consuming business process might be an option. 

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Megan Greene is the Director of Marketing for Green Egg Media, a Denver-based software development company.

Green Egg specializes in solution implementation from concept to delivery focusing on custom software development, web design/development, e-commerce integration, mobile and web apps, custom API integrations and more. Megan lives in Castle Rock, CO with her three children. She enjoys running, coffee and being outdoors in the sunshine as much as possible. 


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