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Basket of Greene Eggs Blog: Success Mobilized

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Basket of Greene Eggs Blog: Success Mobilized

Basket of Greene Eggs blog - July 2019

Smartphones. We use them for everything. We send emails, we organize our calendar, make purchases, take photos, edit multimedia, share information in social media, pay bills, browse the internet for memes, connect with other people, manage our work and business, manage our leisure. Smartphones give us access to the entire digital world in the palm of our hands. And we use them. ALL. THE. TIME. I was in Starbucks this morning on my way to the office and every single customer was focused on their phone. Not a single person, however, was actually talking on their phone, though. 

Here's some fun smartphone facts that I came across this week from Pew Internet.

  • 96% of Americans own a smartphone
  • As of February 2019, 74% of US adults own a desktop computer
  • Roughly 1 in 5 American adults are “smartphone only” internet users

In 2016, American's were spending 3+ hours per day on their mobile device - 10X more than they were back in 2008. Compare that to just 2.2 hours per day on a traditional desktop or laptop computer. It's great to have the world at our fingertips at all times. I can't tell you how many times I have had a totally random question, a need to search a movie quote or song lyrics and I am able to find the answer in mere seconds. It's also incredibly handy to be able to quickly respond to work emails while I'm out and about 

The other day, I saw a post on my mobile Facebook feed for a giant blanket that looks like a tortilla. It was AWESOME...so, of course, I jump on my Amazon app and bought it for my oldest son who I affectionately call "The Dudes Burrito." 

It was a split second decision - I saw it. I wanted it. I bought it. In under 5 minutes. If the sale had to wait until I had my laptop, I guarantee you I wouldn't have made the purchase because, and let's be real here, who actually needs a tortilla blanket? But in that moment, I absolutely needed a giant tortilla blanket for my kid who would get such joy out of it!

The earning potential for mobile apps and mobile optimized websites is unparalleled. Whether we're talking impulse purchase like the tortilla blanket or carefully planned purchases, mobile apps are projected to hit $188.9 billion in revenue by 2020 (Statista). In order to make sure your business gets a piece of that revenue pie, a mobile optimized website and an app are essential, non-negotiable tools. 

Now, join the mobile club. I'll make the t-shirts (no, not really). 

If you're ready to bring your sales and revenue to the next level by adding a custom mobile app or mobile optimized website, give Green Egg a call. We specialize in custom software solutions, mobile apps, website development, design as well as e-commerce integrations and more. From concept to delivery, our team delivers solutions that are 100% unique to your business that will help your business thrive. If you're brand new to the mobile club and don't even know where to begin, that's okay. We're here to help you turn your ideas into reality. Schedule a Project Discovery call today!

Megan Greene is the Marketing Director for Green Egg Media, a Denver-based software engineering company. Green Egg specializes in solution implementation from concept to delivery focusing on custom software engineering, web design/development, e-commerce integration, apps, custom API and more. Megan lives in Castle Rock, CO with her three children. She enjoys running and tries to be outdoors as much as possible. 

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