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Basket of Greene Eggs Blog: The Call for Aid

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Basket of Greene Eggs Blog: The Call for Aid

In our office, our team is always singing lyrics or quoting movies during pretty much every meeting we have. Our project manager, Stuart, loves the Lord of the Rings trilogy and we often use LotR references in day-to-day conversation. “The beacons are lit! Gondor calls for aid!” is one of my personal favorites. And, well, this entire dialogue:





When a business runs multiple programs, platforms and tools simultaneously, the tools that were originally designed for automation and to increase workflow and production and decrease stress may often times become a major source of stress. Especially if your team is spread out across the country or the world. How far down the rabbit hole of stress do you go before you light your beacon and shout “Gondor calls for aid!!”

It’s important to realize that your business needs help to corral all of those tools and platforms into something that will reduce stress and time, but also that will be scalable as your business grows and changes with the fluid market. It’s a completely different thing altogether to actually seek out a solution - especially finding a starting point in the midst of the chaos. 

A simple Google search can yield any number of results - but the idea that popped up consistently in my searches (think: programs for small business, business essentials, technology for business growth, automation tools, etc) was that of “software.” Software tools for payroll, for marketing, for website design, for app building, for accounting, the list goes on...and on...and on. Many are downloaded directly from the cloud, a handful require an installer package, but all are designed with any variety of end-users in mind - not one specific industry or business model. Then enter the words “custom software.” 

It can be absolutely terrifying to hear the words “custom software.” What’s the first thing you think of? Dollar signs? Months of project planning? What if you can’t even wrap your head around it at all? That’s okay. Let’s simplify this:

Custom software is whatever your business needs it to be. Perhaps it’s integrating with open sourced software to bring two platforms together, perhaps it’s a brand new app you want to bring to life or the backend of an e-commerce website, or a platform designed using a variety of languages and frameworks simultaneously. Whatever the need, the solution is designed exclusively for your business model with your pain points and objectives as the driving force. 

Light the beacon and call for aid! You aren’t in this alone, even if you don’t know exactly where to start. If you can define where your pain points are and where there’s room for improvement, that’s your starting point right there! After that, find a company that can come alongside you and help you design the solution that will solve the problems you face. 

If you’re ready to call for aid, Green Egg Media is ready to answer the call. We specialize in cloud-based, fully scalable custom software solutions, web and mobile app development, API and AI integrations, and more. From concept to delivery, our team delivers solutions that are 100% unique and designed to help your business thrive. If you're brand new to the idea and don't even know where to begin, that's okay. We're here to help you turn your ideas into reality. Schedule a Project Discovery call today!

Megan Greene is the Director of Marketing for Green Egg Media, a Denver-based software engineering company. Green Egg specializes in solution implementation from concept to delivery focusing on custom software engineering, web design/development, e-commerce integration, mobile apps, custom API integrations and more. Megan lives in Castle Rock, CO with her three children. She enjoys running, coffee and being outdoors in the sunshine as much as possible. 

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