Cybersecurity and Personal Data Breach Report Oct 8 2018

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Cybersecurity and Personal Data Breach Report Oct 8 2018

1. "MALWARE HAS A NEW WAY TO HIDE ON YOUR MAC" - Author: Lily Hay Newman - Date: Oct. 3rd, 2018 

Have you ever experienced a serious hacking issue with your iMac or MacBook?  Mac hardly ever comes up in the #cybersecurity news, well, that is just a matter of time as a new weakness in the Mac Gatekeeper has been found.  Lily Hay Newman explains, "But the relatively strong defenses of macOS make it challenging for malware authors to persist long-term on Apple computers, even if they can get an initial foothold. Additionally, the avenues available for lurking on macOS are so well known at this point that technicians and malware scanners can flag them quickly. That's why more subtle approaches are significant." ... Continue Reading


2. "Report: In Huge Hack, Chinese Manufacturer Sneaks Backdoors Onto Motherboards" - Author: Curtis Franklin Jr. - Date: October 4th, 2018 

“According to a new article in Bloomberg BusinessWeek, manufacturing plants in China implanted tiny network monitoring and control chips on motherboards made for U.S. manufacturer Supermicro. Supermicro motherboards are commonly used in white-box servers, including those purchased for data center use by companies like Amazon and Apple." reported in Curtis Franklin's new article.  It doesn't stop there, as Franklin goes on to explain how these tiny chips and servers are being used by the U.S. Department of Defense.  What does this mean for defense against Cyber Warfare from China and our relationship with them in the tech industry? ... Continue Reading


3. "GDPR Report Card: Some Early Gains but More Work Ahead" - Author: Chris Babel - Date: May 25th, 2018 

The May 25th deadline to comply with GDPR has passed, so how did the US do and how much was spent on the compliance? Chris Babel provides some details, "In reality, based on the 2018 survey, 68% of respondents across regions reported spending more than six figures on GDPR compliance. US respondents had significantly higher GDPR budgets, with many spending in the millions."  "The numbers show that companies have devoted an immense amount of effort and expense to meet the GDPR deadline, but there is a lot of work yet to be done to achieve full GDPR compliance, specifically in areas of monitoring, maintaining, and demonstrating ongoing compliance in a repeatable and efficient manner."   ... Continue Reading


4. "Credential-Phishing Attempts Highest on Tuesdays" - Author: Kacy Zurkus - Date: October 5th, 2018

I thought "phish" was for fasting on Fridays.  Well, it appears that hackers have a different opinion as new data shows that credential-phishing attempts are highest on Tuesdays.  Kacy Zurkus describes this trend, "Apparently hackers enjoy long weekends, as Friday was reportedly the least popular day for attackers, with only 0.8% of phishing emails being sent out before the weekend. Campaigns start to pick up on Mondays, with 11.3% of URLs distributed. After easing into the week, email disbursements increased to 39.8% on Tuesday." ... Continue Reading


5. SECURITY TREAT OF THE WEEK: "Fortnite Cheaters Tempted with Data-Stealing Malware" - Author:  Phil Muncaster - Date: October 3rd, 2018

As a 40 year old, coming from the days of Doom, Half-life, Diablo 1 and 2, and Unreal, I have lost touch with the addictive nature of the Fortnite style of gaming.  It looks like its popularity has invited the hackers of the world to take advantage of players' greed for a competitive advantage.  If you are a Fortnite player or have children that are avid users, please check out the latest security issues from Phil Muncaster's article. ... View the Report


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