Trendy Websites from the Beauty and Fashion Industry

- Maureen Dillon 08.11.2015


The great Coco Chanel once proclaimed, “I don’t do fashion. I am fashion”.  These seven words represent an aspiration of all the members of the beauty and fashion industry, as they attempt to drive the latest trends and anticipate and set the next ones. Where the world of fashion lives on the internet, you’ll often find a symbol of trend, as fashion websites combine the latest visual and technological trends to create a unique style that spreads their message and keeps them on their clients’ minds.

5 Examples of Trendy Fashion Websites

There are hundreds of fashion websites that can inspire you, but the following five are constantly popping up on the top 5 or top 10 lists website design enthusiasts make.

1. Prada

Prada has been known for combining sophistication with edginess since it was founded in the early 20th century. At the time this article was published, the website flaunted a responsive design where hovering over the main links Men and Woman Fall/Winter 2015 campaigns, Prada Inside Bag, Journal, Prada Raw Avenue, and e-Store displays a relevant image that acts as the site’s background. As one of the oldest brands around, some of the images flaunt a vintage style.

With this layout, Prada showcases its latest offerings first. However, regular customers and others can click on the Menu at the top right corner to access other important likes such as Collections, Fragrance, Eyewear, and Store Locator. To further enhance user experience, the site offers a search functionality as well as a language and country selection pull down menu.

2. Joe San

Luxury clothing specialist Joe San’s website is truly mesmerizing, which is why many web design professionals praise it. The site uses interesting and catchy edge to edge video that plays once you enter the site or whenever you’re idle. The videos feature different aspects of the designer’s latest collection, but you’re also welcome to watch a teaser to the whole collection by clicking the largest link on the home page.

As the videos serve as a great way to preview the site’s offerings, you get to see most of the collection on the home page. You can also click the most important links, which are conveniently located at the center of the page. However, based on the pages they link to, the links are those which new and existing customers are bound to click. As for others, such as Press, Downloads and Legals, these are displayed on the sides since visitors won’t click them as often.  

3. Armani

Giorgio Armani is a famous high fashion designer who has been offering a wide variety of men’s and women’s clothing since 1975. His style is known for walking the line between classic and modern while ensuring a sleek feel and boasting high quality. To ensure consistency, Armani’s website features his brand’s black and white theme while photos add the splash of color necessary to add life to the site.

As you scroll down, you’ll discover different blocks featuring different campaigns Armani has introduced as well as trends, looks and must-haves from the brand. These will give you an idea of what the brand is currently up to. However, the first block is usually dedicated to an event or bit of news linked to the brand. For instance, early August 2015 featured the #Attribute Collection to celebrate the brand’s 40 year anniversary and feature notable campaigns, contributions and catwalk appearances by the designer.

To ensure a better user experience though, Armani’s site has links to men, women and kids’ clothing, bags and shoes, accessories and its other offerings at the very top. These move with you, allowing you to navigate to the page or collection you need regardless of where you are on the page. As for the bottom, you’ll find traditional company-related links such as Customer Care, Store Locator, and Corporate.  

4. Lacoste

Established by tennis legend Rene Lacoste, the brand identified by its green gaping crocodile has recently dumped its flash-heavy website design and chose a user-friendly theme. At the very top are a search box and essential links such as Finding a Boutique and Help and Support. As for the left side panel, the top is dominated by the latest additions to the brand under What’s New. Below it are links to Men, Women and Kids’ collections as well as shoes and polos. However, Lacoste’s two newest services Lacoste L!ive and Lacoste Sport are in a larger font size and different colors to stand out from the rest.

At the center of the page is an assortment of blocks topped by a carousel featuring the top three latest offers from the brand. However, it’s important to note that the blocks are relatively fewer. Moreover, not all of them are product-related. For instance, there’s a block for social media links and another featuring a sports personality acting as the brand’s ambassador. Therefore, users will be forced to use the left pane’s links.

5. Paul Smith

Paul Smith is an English designer who abandoned his dreams of becoming a cyclist to become one of the renowned fashion trendsetters. The website of the brand he established in the 1970s reflects his dedication to classic British style through a minimalistic design. The current site flaunts a white, black and gray theme and the pictures included complement it. A relatively traditional website design, it features product-related links at the top and all the customer-related and brand-related links at the bottom.

However, what makes this website design so interesting is that the slider at the center of the page contains pictures that complement one another, making the transition from one slide to another extremely seamless. For instance, the models and featured products are placed at the same point. Below the slider are four boxes featuring the four aspects the brand aims to focus on, which in the beginning of August were colorful shirts, small bags, special socks, and the Paul Smith Junior line.

7 Take-aways from Today’s Top Fashion Sites

If you want your fashion and beauty website to truly make a difference, here are ten web design suggestions that are specific to this unique niche.

  • Incorporate videos in your web design, but use interesting and catchier ones to keep visitors on your site. You can even display all the content from your video campaign and integrate it seamlessly in a grid design.
  • Embrace grid-style galleries as they allow a compact view of all your products, enabling you to place more pictures on a limited space. Besides, grid galleries are user-friendly as they allow your site’s visitors to view your whole collection before clicking on an item and analyzing it.
  • Helvetica font had been used by the fashion industry for ages, but it’s time to consider more modern options such as Gotham, Caslon and Verdana instead.
  • Gray color has become a staple in most fashion websites, especially since it makes a significant contrast to bright fashion apparel and accessories. Make sure to pick the best colors to make it pop though, such as red, yellow, purple and orange.
  • If your style is fully minimalistic, use a large home page image and have a clear call-to-action button at the middle. However, remember to keep brand- and product-related links at the top for all to see.
  • Pick stunning images that truly bring out the essence of your offerings and highlight their use. For instance, designer glasses should steal the show rather than the model’s accessories or vibrant clothing.
  • Keep mobile navigation in mind while designing your fashion site. Most of your clients may not be visiting you via their desktop computers, so you need to ensure a minimalistic design that is both user- and mobile-friendly.

Regardless of what you do, remember that the best website design is the one that represents your brand effectively and makes everyone visiting your site ‘feel’ you.

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