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Weekly Cybersecurity Review - Spring Cleaning: Old Discarded Electronic Devices Still Contain Data

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Weekly Cybersecurity Review - Spring Cleaning: Old Discarded Electronic Devices Still Contain Data

DDoS Attacks Decrease by 85%

darkreading.com- Author: Kelly Sheridan - Date: March 19th, 2019 

Recently, due to the FBI takedown of "booter" sites that sell DDoS-on-demand services the average DDoS attack size shrunk 85%. Late last year, the FBI seized 15 popular booter sites as part of an international crackdown on these sites. Booter sites pose a big disturbance in cyber security due to their easy to access tools that allow just about anybody to launch a DDoS attack on a website.


Don't Forget to Clean Your Data While Spring Cleaning!

darkreading.com- Author: Steve Zurier - Date: March 20th, 2019 

It is now spring, and for the most part, we all clean out old things we no longer need. This sometimes includes old electronic devices or computers that we no longer need. In a recent study done by Josh Frantz, a security consultant at Rapid7, it has been found that out 85 devices that were donated or disposed of to donation businesses were not properly wiped and still contained data. Frantz tested desktops, laptops, removable media, hard drives, and cell phones from 31 businesses around the Wisconsin area. So before you throw out that old computer it would probably be best if you wiped the data on it yourself beforehand.


Google Photos Vulnerability Gets a Patch

darkreading.com.com- Author: Kelly Sheridan - Date: March 20th, 2019 

In a recently patched vulnerability for the web version of Google Photos cybercriminals would have been able to extract details from a user's photo history. Through browser-based timing attacks, hackers would be able to determine if you visited a particular place or even determine who was tagged in your image. Although this type of attack is very targeted, an attacker would have to first get a victim to click on a malicious link loaded with embedded JavaScript while they are logged into their Google Photos account to initiate this type of attack.


Windows Defender Comes to MacOS

darkreading.com - Author: Kelly Sheridan - Date: March 21st, 2019 

Microsoft is now porting Windows Defender to MacOS in order to bring endpoint protection platform (EPP), endpoint detection and response (EDR), and TVM capabilities to both Windows and Mac. Also included with this announcement is making new Threat and Vulnerability Management (TVM) capabilities available in Microsoft Defender today in preview mode. Windows Defender, as its name suggests, is a anti-virus and computer protection suite for Windows machines.


Moose Mistaken for Burglar After Accidentally Breaking Into a Colorado Home


Image of Moose looking into the camera

thedenverchannel.com - Date: March 15th, 2019 

Breckenridge police were called over to a family home after they reported that they heard a crashing sound in their basement. The family at the time believed that a burglar had broken into the house.

Police instead found a Moose in the basement! Police believe that the moose probably had been walking around outside the house in deep snow when it fell into a window well.

the moose was calm and did not appear to be suffering any major injuries, wildlife officers said.

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