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Weekly Cybersecurity Review - Web Applications Security Vulnerabilities On The Rise

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Weekly Cybersecurity Review - Web Applications Security Vulnerabilities On The Rise

Web Application Security Vulnerabilities Increases

darkreading.com- Author: Jai Vijayan - Date: March 12th, 2019 

Security Vendor, Positive Technologies took a loot at data from some of the assessments that their company ran for their clients throughout last year. They discovered a increase of critical vulnerabilities int web application compared to the previous year, 2017. The amount of vulnerabilities discovered on average per web application was at whopping 33 for 2018. More than two-thirds of the applications contained critical vulnerabilities.


Three out of five Politician Websites Lack Basic HTTPS Security

darkreading.com- Author: Steve Zurier - Date: March 13th, 2019 

In a new report this last this week research group Comparitech took a look at different politician websites and made an alarming discovery. They found that three out of five politician websites lacked basic HTTPS security. Comparitech assessed over 7,500 websites in 37 different countries and found that 60.8% did not use valid SSL certificates. In theory, any connection a visitor makes to the site is unsecured and is at risk in having valuable information compromised when signing up for donation or newsletters.


Marketing for Malware: Using Malware Has Become Easier Than Ever

darkreading.com.com- Author: Curtis Franklin Jr. - Date: March 13th, 2019 

In a new blog post from Cisco Talos, the sophistication of malware marketing has increased recently. The case that was reviewed took a look at a point-of-sale (PoS) malware called, 'GlitchPOS' where its packaging and marketing materials were presented in a accessible way. Basically, promising easy return on investment in purchasing and using malware for illegal use. Craig Willilams, director of outreach at Cisco Talos, says the the following: "My concern is that you're going to see younger and younger cybercriminals with kits like these. It's just getting easier and easier".


One Line of Code Can Break Your E-Commerce Site

darkreading.com - Author: Jai Vijayan - Date: March 14th, 2019 

With just one line of code criminals have been able to compromise at least seven e-commerce sites and potentially have stolen card data belonging to thousands of online customers. One of the companies being US based FILA. Security vendor, Group-IB identified the code as a new Javascript Sniffer named GMO. Security researchers from Groub-IB first discovered the JS sniffer on the UK Fila website. The sniffer gets loaded into the browser by simply adding a refernce to the JS Sniffer file in question and then downloads itself onto the user's browser where it then intercepts any credit card data that is entered onto the page.


12-Year-Old Computer Prodigy Spreads Word About Cyber Security


Image of a red fox in a forest looking at the camera

cbwnews.com - Date: April 16th, 2018 

Reuben Paul is a sixth grader from Austin, Texas and is on a mission on raising awareness about Internet security.

Already at the age of 12, the self-proclaimed "Cyber Ninja" has presented at conferences in Singapore and the Netherlands.

It feels good knowing that there are kids on the Internet to raise awareness about Internet security and how vulnerable we can be when surfing the net.

Click on the link below to read more about Reuben and to watch the full video!

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