FoxyCart for Flexible E-commerce


Whether your clients are just getting their feet wet e-commerce industry or they want to completely revamp their long-existing e-commerce site; whether you are a newbie developer or an experienced one; your requirements, and those of your clients, are unique. What you need is an e-commerce platform that caters to not only your needs, as a developer, but also those of your e-commerce clients: merchants, and their customers. FoxyCart is a flexible and powerful e-commerce platform that you can use to develop custom sites on a comparatively short timeline.

What is FoxyCart?

FoxyCart is an e-commerce platform built by developers who were tired of scouring through the web for e-commerce solutions to satisfy their needs. The result was one that not only made them happy, but one that served many e-commerce site developers, who have been breathing a sigh of relief ever since the FoxyCart has surfaced.

Features of FoxyCart:

  • It is easy to use: Let’s say you are building your first e-commerce site. Do you know how to create a link or a form using HTML? If yes, then you’re ready to start using FoxyCart.
  • It prevents web-savvy users from tampering with orders: FoxyCart's HMAC Product Verification ensures that nobody can tamper with the shopping cart in any way. Best of all, depending on you and your needs, you can choose not to use this feature, if you don’t feel the need.
  • It is powerful and flexible: Experienced developers will find FoxyCart meeting all their integration requirements - be it with hardcoded HTML, a dynamic content management system (CMS), a custom framework, or a host of other tools. It also integrates easily with tools for accounting, analytics (including Google Analytics), marketing, social media management, and more.
  • Allows you to fully customize your site and user experience: With the “AutoMagiCache” template caching, you will not need to learn any more new template languages to get your site going. Create a new page and add a placeholder, a default CSS file or anything else you may need, and let FoxyCart do the rest.
  • It allows all types of transactions: Subscriptions, downloadable content, physical goods, donations – you name it, FoxyCart will enable it. Do you want all of them to be possible in one transaction? FoxyCart does that too.
  • It is affordable and meets your business requirements: You can choose from three different price packages: standard, business, and enterprise. Each comes with a set number of free transactions and low transaction fees. You can choose between monthly and annual payments.
  • Imposes no limits: Add as many products, subscriptions, and subscribers as you want! Want to let customers build their own products? You can do that too with FoxyCart. Use as much space as needed to store downloadable content. You also get unlimited bandwidth. Don't worry about traffic spikes. You can also provide customers with as many coupons and discount options as you can think of!
  • Calculates shipping rates automatically: You can now calculate shipping rates based on product categories, quantity, and total payment of orders. You can also provide $0 handling for in-store pickup and free ground shipping. With a bit of custom coding, you can also provide custom shipping options to your precious customers.
  • It comes with a free trial period: Unlike with services offering a fixed free trial period, you can sign up and use FoxyCart to develop your site for free. You do not have to pay till your site goes online.
  • Comes with optional custom SSL: You can get a subdomain like instead of
  • Offers discounts for non-profits: You can get ten percent discount across the board if your business is a not-for-profit organization.
  • Supports a large number of payment gateways and methods: With over 70 payment gateways and methods to choose from, including PayPal and Amazon Payments, you get to offer various transaction payment alternatives to your customers.
  • Requires you to have only one login: As developers, you can handle all your merchant clients through just one login.
  • It is secure: FoxyCart is registered as a Level 1 Service Provider with both MasterCard and Visa's lists of service providers. FoxyCart largely relies on SSL encryption. It complies with the Payment Card Industry (PCI) regulations. Its defenses are multi-layered and it has a team of IT professionals who are always on the watch for security threats.

Why use FoxyCart?

For developers, the answer is straightforward - it is easy to use and allows extreme customization. You can integrate it with a large number of tools and custom frameworks. You can develop a site the way you visualize it and you can do all of it comparatively quickly and easily.

If you are a merchant, FoxyCart enables you to provide just the right e-commerce experience for your customers (including hassle-free checkout). It is also affordable, secure, and reliable. The FoxyCart team is self-funded and in for the long haul. It is continually working to improve various aspects of its product including shipping customization and integration with more tools to enable you to earn more profits. Whether you need a combination of guest and registered users checkout, or an inclusion of coupons and discounts, FoxyCart will deliver them to you without making a hole in your pocket.  

FoxyCart has processed over $500 million worth of transactions for merchants and their customers around the world. Its client database includes national brands and Fortune 500 companies. Testimonies from its customers hail the effectiveness of the product and the excellent service and support provided by its team.

With the increasing number of internet users, it is only natural that you

  1. as a merchant, direct your attention to the e-commerce market, not only to reach a wider audience, but also to be able to compete with your competitors. While it is easy to enter the market, merchants need to provide an excellent user experience to their customers to be able to attract and sustain in the market.
  2. as a developer, you may want to deliver results to your clients quickly, and FoxyCart will help you do that.

FoxyCart gives you (developers, merchants and their customers) the e-commerce experience you want and deserve to have, and not the one that an e-commerce platform forces upon you. 

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