Gaining the Competitive Edge With Design


There is little doubt that having a powerful design for your webpage can make a massive difference in bringing your audience over to your side. When trying to win over the target audience or the end user, developing an impressive design wins half the battle for you. In effect, great design could be one of the most dependable tools you can use to gain a clear competitive edge in the marketplace.

Leverage the Power of First Impressions

The old adage ‘first impression is the best impression’ is perfectly appropriate in this situation. A powerful, impactful, impressive design does a very effective job of grabbing the eye. But that’s not all; it also piques the viewers’ curiosity and makes them interested in exploring further what is behind the design. 

By putting forth a design that makes a definite impression in the minds of the majority of your audience, you ensure that your site has great recall value and that it is less likely to be swept away in the deluge of information, products, and services. It will take on a value of its own just in the delight it gives your audience. It will also give the impression that you know quality and demand it—it builds confidence in your product or service before your audience have even seen it.

Changing Perceptions with Impressive Design

Another challenge that effective design overcomes with relative ease is that of widely varying perceptions. The power of visuals should never be underestimated. By using a visual representation to demonstrate what you are trying to convey you can even sway people with perceptions that significantly differ from yours. After all, an impressive design gives your viewers a succinct, crystal clear picture of the message you want to communicate. Faced with a highly appealing visual representation that they connect to, your audience is likely to be willing to hear you out a bit more and approach your product or service with a more open mind than they would naturally be inclined to.  

Communicating your Ideas More Effectively

One of the most common and most significant problems faced by designers is the site’s more utilitarian task of clearly communicating the business side. Many designers wish they could sacrifice some of the more practical elements and considerations of web design for aesthetic, or looks. Truly effective design isn’t just beautiful, it helps you deliver your message clearly and accurately. If you manage to marry these two, your design can be what pushes potential customers to a decision in your favor—since the design is both appealing and the clear in its communication.

No matter how impressive a content-rich, text-rich website may be, no matter how much ground work has gone into creating it, a powerful design can overwhelm it with ease. There are many situations in which the most logical arguments and structured schematics simply don’t make a dent in the minds of your audience. Design could be your secret weapon in such situations. When you are faced with tough competition from other businesses and you know that you will both be basing your product or service presentation on similar logic and similar arguments, there needs to be something special that sets you apart.

Impressive design could be that ‘something’ that adds personality to your business, and sets its high above the others in terms of penetration into the audience’s mind. An inspiring design can create a story, weave it into a spell binding tale. It can capture the audience’s attention and excite them. In effect, powerful design gives a website a compelling persona that becomes an integral, inseparable part of it.  

Design, with its strong visual element, is a very versatile tool that can adapt itself to the needs of each beholder to a large extent, again addressing a wide variety of tastes that your viewers may have. To address the same magnitude using a text or content intensive presentation, often requires the material to be far longer and risks losing the attention of the audience midway.

Our world is filled with light, beauty, and, more so than ever, visual stimulation. Our audience expects it and appreciates it. Don’t let your business fall by the wayside because you undervalued design and presentation. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: your website is your shop—it needs to be well organized, easy to navigate, and a delight to be in. Design could make all the difference between an amazing customer experience and a mediocre one; and none of us wants to settle for mediocre. 

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