Intensives: Future-Focused Development


Often times, some of the greatest, most innovative ideas come from from the most simple of places, but turning that idea into a reality is often a very detailed, complex process that leaves many people scratching their heads about what to do next when it comes to the initial project outline and planning for the future of the project. Planning a feature-rich, robust tech solution isn’t necessarily something that falls into the skillset of the average business leader. Keep your idea moving forward with help from the Green Egg Media team and partner with us for an Intensive to help plan and organize your solution from start to finish and turn that idea into a reality.

But why an Intensive? By understanding the end goals of a product, both functionally and from a business perspective, our engineering team can be intentional in selecting the right technology to serve your product to the end (not just what seems easiest at the beginning). This prevents hiccups and delays down the line and ensures a robust product that serves your needs both today and into the future. 

With any project, it is important to have a plan that is future-focused. You don’t want to choose technology that suits your immediate needs only to hold you back once you’re ready to grow and move forward. That’s why our team starts by understanding your business goals. With goals in mind, then our teams can move forward together to craft a clear path forward. Working together to create the plan for development ensures clarity and shared goals for the project. 

After walking through each desired feature and purpose, our team creates a complete technical roadmap document that details the plan for development from start to finish. This document serves as a blueprint for the project that helps everyone stay on the same page throughout the process and helps keep the project oriented towards the final goals. 

Intensives are completed in 1, 2, or 3-day sessions depending on the complexity of your project. During each session, we’ll discuss user experience, customer journey, design, features, functionality, data management, technical architecture, security, and so much more. These sessions are intense (see what we did there?) but so valuable in guiding the direction of your project. 

Not sure if an intensive is right for you? Start with a call! 

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