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New Partnership Announcement: Elevation Digital Marketing

Green Egg Media is pleased to announce our strategic partnership with Elevation Digital Marketing. Sharing common goals and ideas, this partnership will strive to provide valuable solutions to help businesses overcome challenges in order to increase customer engagement and boost their bottom line.

This partnership will allow clients to enjoy a streamlined experience between the marketing their company needs and the technical expertise required to build and maintain their website, mobile apps, or other internal software systems. 

“We are thrilled to be working with John Bailey and his team at Elevation Digital Marketing. We share a similar vision for helping clients achieve their goals and our willingness to work alongside one another will provide an excellent system of support for the clients that work with us” says Megan Greene, Director of Sales & Marketing for Green Egg Media. 

“We couldn’t be more excited to team up with Megan and the Green Egg Team. Green Egg Media and Elevation Digital Marketing both are aligned when it comes to providing unbeatable customer service and support.”  said John Bailey, Owner of Elevation Digital Marketing

About Elevation Digital Marketing
Elevation Digital Marketing, based in Denver, CO, focuses on digital marketing strategy and support for a wide variety of clients and industries. Founded in 2015, Elevation Digital Marketing partners with companies to help them grow and scale while being the best and trusted stewards of their marketing budget. 

Elevation Digital Marketing deploys full-scale digital marketing strategies that include Search Engine Optimization, Paid Search Advertising (Google and Bing Ads), Email Marketing, and Content Creation for lead generation and e-commerce businesses.  

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About Green Egg Media
Green Egg Media is a custom software development agency based in Denver, CO. Founded in 2008, Green Egg Media develops crafted and custom software solutions to give your business the freedom to go in any direction you want, whenever you want. 

Green Egg Media has become a trusted partner to organizations ranging from enterprise-level businesses to small and local businesses across a wide range of industries. Green Egg Media specializes in custom software development, mobile and web application development, web development, e-commerce solutions, ExpressionEngine development, and consulting. 

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