Renewing Your Team


As employers, it is all too easy to focus on all of the tasks that drive your business forward. Meetings, reports, schedules, budgets, and everything else that has to get done every day often becomes the sole focus and the employee themselves becomes a simple cog in the machine that gets things done. While a hyper-focus on these areas can appear to boost productivity, it is also one of the leading causes of employee burnout or low employee morale. Boost morale and improve employee satisfaction by taking just a few moments each week to shift the focus onto the human beings within your organization. 

Not every team-building activity has to be complex or expensive. Here are 9 quick ideas that our team at Green Egg Media does to keep our employee morale high and our team members feeling satisfied. The best part? Most of these are practically free!

#1. Celebrate summer with an afternoon otter pop break. Simple, inexpensive, and only takes 5 minutes, a welcome moment to come together and enjoy a refreshing treat. 

#2. Challenge your team to friendly competition with some puzzles or brain break activities. Our conference room table has a variety of puzzles that our team tries to figure out periodically throughout each day. And, of course, we keep track of who has and has not solved them! 

#3. It's hump day. Celebrate surviving through the week so far with a Wine Down Wednesday happy hour (wine not required) for the last 30 minutes of the workday. 

#4. Get your game on with some friendly competition with a game night (or afternoon) once a month. We love Exploding Kittens!

#5. Change up the scenery once a year and take your team (or the whole company!) to work at an enjoyable remote location. Once a year, we rent a home available on VRBO or AirB&B that is big enough to house our entire team. We work, we play, we bond, and the change of scenery is a welcome change from the office. 

#6. Plan a Work & Explore day. Find a local establishment to get some work done with your team - a coffee shop is our preferred workspace. Then, explore some of the local flavor. We love to walk or hike on the local trails and then grab a meal or a beer at someplace we've never tried before. 

#7. Get to know your teammates better with fun ways to showcase their personalities and favorite things. Each month, we change our Slack avatars. We've previously chosen favorite flower, favorite hero, favorite food, favorite vacation destination, and we're currently celebrating the start of fall football with our favorite football teams. 

#8. Watch history-making events together. Pull the team together to watch the live stream of awesome events that don't happen every day. We've watched a space launch and a presidential address so far this year. 

#9. Be willing to have fun! Our Slack includes a #random channel that allows our team to share things that are, well, random. Fun memes, photos, gifs, random articles, and things that simply bring us joy. Laughing with your team reduces stress!

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