Website Security


Website security can seem like a sunk-cost because it doesn’t get you anything (at least, nothing you can see).

However, the cost of not investing in website security is enormous -- ranging from stolen data and loss of customer trust to downtime or complete loss of your website (and everything in between). Protect your business and your customers by ensuring that your website is up-to-date and secure every single time they visit. 

To mitigate various cyberattacks, a website maintenance plan from Green Egg Media can implement and maintain modern best practices regarding security, including SSL certificates for all domains, a firewall, and regular updates. This achieves:

--encryption of all information sent to and from your website

--better SEO ranking

--prevention of man in the middle attacks, as customers can be sure they are interfacing with your real site

--prevention of DDOS attacks by cloudflare’s advanced AI

--prevention of phishing attacks

--blocking unwanted traffic from accessing your server

All of our website maintenance plans begin with a full website audit to determine what vulnerabilities and areas of concern exist on your specific website (as well as 14 other critical performance areas) so you can take back control of your website and ensure your visitors that their experience on your website is safe.

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