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  • If you’re considering building a mobile app for your business, or you already have one that’s not quite meeting the sales, adoption or user rate expectations you anticipated, it’s time to take a look at a few changes that can boost your in-app purchases. Whether you built your app to sell, play, inform, or create, your app puts your brand in the palm of the hands of your users on a daily basis. If you don’t have an app already, adding a mobile app to your arsenal of marketing and sales tools will increase user engagement, conversion rates, and revenue. However, just like a website or other marketing collateral, your business must create opportunities for engagement that are of value to the user. Let’s take a look at 5 strategies that will help bolster those in-app sales numbers for your business.

  • Communities across the United States (and the world) are currently experiencing Shelter-in-Place protocols and businesses must focus on their digital brand identity in order to continue to connect with their audience. They must utilize new or adapted digital strategies to continue to stay afloat, and that includes having a website that is useful, powerful and strategic. Start with a FREE website audit report and ensure that your brand website is ready for the challenge.

  • The reality is that consumers are scrolling through absolutely endless amounts of information on a daily basis. So how do we as business leaders help draw the attention of the consumer to our specific product and encourage them to dive deeper and convert? Implement a good design strategy. These 8 tips will help your team in guiding discussions and implementing changes that will increase your website conversion rates.

  • Knowing that in 2020 we continue to be on the forefront of technological advancements that could change the way we live day to day, why are so many businesses hanging out with old, outdated technology? Perhaps you’re still feeling that major financial investment you made back in the day that brought your company up to the cutting edge of technology and innovation. Perhaps it isn’t broken, and therefore, why fix it? Perhaps technology is changing so rapidly that you’re hesitant to embrace change knowing that you’ll still be behind the times within just a few months. Whatever the reason, there’s a few solid reasons to get up-to-date sooner than later.

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We are constantly developing new videos to help our customers better understand the work that we do. Whether you have questions about the Agile process, responsive design, or third-party integrations for your website, we have some videos to answer your questions.

In addition, we are always in the process of developing additional training videos that can be used by our fellow ExpressionEngine developers and FoxyCart developers.

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