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  • Knowing that in 2020 we continue to be on the forefront of technological advancements that could change the way we live day to day, why are so many businesses hanging out with old, outdated technology? Perhaps you’re still feeling that major financial investment you made back in the day that brought your company up to the cutting edge of technology and innovation. Perhaps it isn’t broken, and therefore, why fix it? Perhaps technology is changing so rapidly that you’re hesitant to embrace change knowing that you’ll still be behind the times within just a few months. Whatever the reason, there’s a few solid reasons to get up-to-date sooner than later.

  • October 7, 2019 - The Supreme Court cleared the way Monday for blind people to sue Domino’s Pizza and other retailers if their websites are not accessible. In a potentially far-reaching move, the justices turned down an appeal from Domino’s and let stand a U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ruling holding that the Americans With Disabilities Act protects access not just to restaurants and stores but also to the websites and apps of those businesses.

  • There was only 1 of me and each day required much more than 24 hours worth of work in order to sustain the number of tasks on my plate. Enter the word automation. Automation tools allowed me to appear to do multiple things at once - teach my kindergarten students about robotics, providing parents updates on the weekly happenings via social media, publishing new website content about upcoming events, while also managing our Help Desk system with a series of automated replies, all at the same time.

  • Take a moment and consider how many different tools your business utilizes each day. From accounting tools to time management tools to communication tools and beyond. While each tool might be successfully accomplishing its individual purpose, are you noticing that utilizing multiple tools is coming overly time consuming or inefficient? How many of those tools are not automated or maybe even still paper-based? If you answered yes to any of those questions, it might be time for custom software.

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We are constantly developing new videos to help our customers better understand the work that we do. Whether you have questions about the Agile process, responsive design, or third-party integrations for your website, we have some videos to answer your questions.

In addition, we are always in the process of developing additional training videos that can be used by our fellow ExpressionEngine developers and FoxyCart developers.

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