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Our knowledgeable team at Green Egg Media has curated compelling content about the tech industry for guests on our website like you. Check out a video from our Agile video series or read one of the latest blog posts from our team members.

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We are constantly developing new videos to help our customers better understand the work that we do. Whether you have questions about the Agile process, responsive design, or third-party integrations for your website, we have some videos to answer your questions.

In addition, we are always in the process of developing additional training videos that can be used by our fellow ExpressionEngine developers and FoxyCart developers.

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  • In the Green Egg Media Weekly Cybersecurity Review for August 16, 2019, we focus on simple ways to keep yourself - and your kids - safe online! Some may seem common sense and obvious, but a refresher or a new perspective never hurts. In a digital world, safety and awareness are vitally important.

  • We all suffer with the tragic “our pants don’t fit” wardrobe malfunction. There are a few solutions to that: sweat pants. Glorious sweatpants! Or drawstring pants. Or elastic waisted pants. If only clothes were scalable. If they could absorb a short term increase in size and then decrease as needed, and remain fashionable in the process. It would eliminate so much mental and emotional stress! Businesses, by nature, will experience ebbs and flows that will increase growing pains and decrease comfortability. How can you ride the wave of ebbs and flows with ease? Start with your business software solutions.

  • In the August 1 edition of the Fried Up blog from Green Egg Media, we take a look at the travel industry, their mobile strategy, and their adoption of Progressive Web Apps, Responsive Website Design and Native Apps.

  • Take a minute (and 30 seconds) and catch up on important news from Google Maps and Facebook in today's Scrambled: Tech Industry News!