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We are constantly developing new videos to help our customers better understand the work that we do. Whether you have questions about the Agile process, responsive design, or third-party integrations for your website, we have some videos to answer your questions.

In addition, we are always in the process of developing additional training videos that can be used by our fellow ExpressionEngine developers and FoxyCart developers.

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  • Green Egg Media brings you a weekly Cyber Security and Personal Data Breach news summary from around the tech industry. This weeks headlines include: "BANKS SUFFER AN AVERAGE OF 3.8 DATA LEAK INCIDENTS PER WEEK", and more!

  • AWS Elastic Load Balancers communicate with EC2 instances over standard HTTP, which can cause issues when WordPress is setup to use SSL. A single line of code in wp-config.php can fix this problem.

  • ‘Engagement’ may seem like just another buzzword in the digital marketing niche. And it is. But this time around there’s a reason for the buzz. Engagement is a vital concept and focus for a business’ success online, especially with Google pointing out that 90% of internet users are constantly distracted in their browsing experience in this multi-screen age. Without engagement, your website will not have what it takes to capture contact information, build relationships with visitors, and establish a good base of returning visitors and customers.

  • In usability testing, a product or service is evaluated by testing it on an end user. The advantage is obvious: it gives direct and specific input on how people use the product. Don’t let usability testing be mistaken for opinion gathering; that is market research. Instead usability testing measures the capacity of the product to fulfill its purpose. A number of products are evaluated through usability tests such as consumer products, foods, devices, computer interfaces and more. Web sites are no exception and should certainly be subject to usability testing prior to launch. If you want to get accurate results, it is important to control the conditions under which, the tests are administered. Here are a few tips to create effective usability tests.