Getting Online Isn't as Simple as it Used to Be

Checking off the "get online" box for your new business often seems very simple - but can quickly take up dozens of hours of your time only to wind up with a digital presence that isn’t exactly what you (or your customers) were looking for. That's why we offer a full-service digital launch experience so you have everything you need to get the online visibility you need to be successful. 

With Lampseed, you stay focused on the goal - we'll handle the digital details. 

Why a Lampseed Website?

Fast and Easy Launch

We will coordinate all of the different digital components to ensure that your vision remains central to all of your messaging.

Branded for Your Business

Unlike generic templates, we use your branding assets to build your website to reflect your unique brand identity.

Future-Proof Platform

As your company grows and your needs change, you’ll have the ability to immediately customize your website and marketing packages without having to start over on a new platform.

Full Account Support

We don’t just get you online and leave you hanging. Your dedicated account manager is here to support you with anything that you need for the life of your website.

Finally — A Full Service Website Experience

The Need for Something Different

Lampseed websites combine all the support you need in one place - including copywriting and a 90-day marketing plan to make sure your target audience can easily find you. The best part? You don’t have to do any of the work.

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Designed to Scale

With Lampseed, your website is ready to grow as your business grows. When you are ready, everything on your website can be customized and tailored into a unique customer experience.

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Keep Everything Running Smoothly

The secret ingredient to having a website without headaches is routine maintenance. That’s precisely why expert maintenance remains central to all of our services. We keep your website running smoothly, so you never have to worry about any crashes and burns (at least, not on your website…)

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How to Get Started

The easiest way to have a strong digital presence now with unlimited potential later.

Discuss Your Needs

Over a brief call, we’ll talk about your needs and goals to ensure you're getting the right product for you. Moving forward after the call, we’ll request your brand style guide and get to work.

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Curate Your Content

While we begin the branded framework of your website, you'll provide us with all of the content you want on your website. We provide copywriting and marketing support to help you maximize the SEO potential of your copy.

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Website Delivery

Our team crafts your new website including all of your copy and images in about 2 weeks. We'll show you how to use it so you can manage the content yourself (but don't worry, your dedicated account manager is available to help when you need it).

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Plans + Pricing

All plans include website setup, content population, and a branded website template.




Sell online with ease.


* for the first year
Subsequent years of hosting, website maintenance, and support are billed annually.

Additional Services:

Price: $2,300

Description: Let your brand stand out with website copy that is clear, concise, and optimized for search engines (SEO). Each page is customer-centric and grabs the readers' attention to follow the primary call to action. 

5 Pages of Copywriting

Price: $2,700

Description: Launch your website with a strong, optimized foundation to bring the right visitors and drive conversions.

90-Day Marketing Plan

Price: $350

Description: Logo design

Logo Design

Coming Soon!