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Simplifying Challenges since 2008

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Simplify Your Challenges

Beginning with a thorough discovery process, our team will collaborate directly with you to identify your challenges, specific needs and goals. Our consulting experts will use effective methods to determine a customized solution that will deliver powerful, meaningful results.

Our team of full-stack development experts will develop, design and create a completely customized solution using a variety of languages, methods, and frameworks.

Using Agile Collaboration, the development process is streamlined to adapt for change. As the needs for change arise, our team can iterate, pivot and reiterate as we go, refining our strategy dynamically and saving the need for rework down the road.

ExpressionEngine Development

ExpressionEngine content management system (CMS) provides the flexibility you need to grow, scale, and customize with an incredible catalog of available add-ons, templates, user management, and more, to create a website as unique as your business.

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Custom Software Development

A custom software solution is developed to help your business solve problems, grow and scale, or achieve goals. Unlike out-of-the-box software solutions, a custom software solution is created exclusively to meet the needs of your business, your users, and your processes.

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E-Commerce Solutions

Stand out in the marketplace with a custom eCommerce solution developed to help you attract and retain customers, increase your conversion rates, and grow your brand. Provide your customers with a seamless shopping experience from start to finish.

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Mobile and Web App Development

Sell, play, inform, and create with the power of an app. Put your brand in the palm of the hands of your users to increase engagement, conversion rates, and sales. All apps - mobile, web, responsive, native or progressive - are designed and developed to fit the unique needs of your business and users.

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Consulting Services

Taking on a development project can be overwhelming and stressful to even the most seasoned business owner. The Green Egg Media team is here to provide consulting services to help you along in the process - whatever your needs may be.

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Web Development

Custom web development provides flexibility in design and function built on a solid foundation of planning and purpose to create a truly individualized product to meet your specific business needs. Increase engagement, sales and revenue, site visits, and encourage repeat visitors and business with a custom website that is as unique as your brand.

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Client Love for Green Egg Media
Green Egg Media worked closely with DSPT to design and administer a User Testing program to ensure that the site was easy to navigate and that people would be able to find everything they were looking for on the website. Dominican School of Philosophy and Theology
  • Customer Testimonial
    Bascom Northwest Ventures Web Design

    The website was so well received that Acquisitions Director, Robert Vallarino, described it as 'exactly what we were looking for'

  • Customer Testimonial Web Design,Web Development,E-Commerce,Website Management

    Between May, 2010, and April, 2014, we have seen an increase of nearly 425%, both in total sales and monthly revenue.

  • Customer Testimonial
    Manga Hero Web Design,Web Development,ExpressionEngine,E-Commerce,Website Management,Video Production

    (Green Egg Media) reworked the company's entire information architecture, consolidating multiple existing media properties across unique domains, and bringing them all under a single, unified brand identity.

  • Customer Testimonial
    Bluapple Web Design,Web Development,ExpressionEngine,E-Commerce,Website Management,Video Production

    Green Egg Media went through many iterations of a new design with the client until Green Egg Media arrived at the design that best met the needs of the client and their customers