For 9 years, Green Egg Media has provided expert IT Consulting services to meet clients’ needs for web design and development, ExpressionEngine development, foxycart / e-commerce integration, website maintenance, and video production. Maybe you need one of these services or a combination of them. Whatever your needs, our experience and versatility allows us to tailor our resources to meet them.

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Why are Clients Consulting IT with Green Egg Media?

Web Development

GEM Development is about customization. We don’t force our preferences on your project. Instead, we have experience with a wide range of platforms, languages, and frameworks so that we can really determine and implement the best solution for you. We emphasize strong foundations in the planning and execution of your project. Our developers give every single line of code purpose, with an eye to elegance and scalability.

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Premier ExpressionEngine Development

Green Egg Media is Denver’s premier ExpressionEngine development agency, partnering with entrepreneurs, businesses, and nonprofits nationwide to build cutting-edge solutions to expand their presence online. As a web agency, our experience and excellence ensure a product that is secure and ready to scale. Whether working with ExpressionEngine release EE1 or EE4, we’re basically ExpressionEngine Wizards.



FoxyCart is a powerful yet lightweight E-Commerce platform that is very dynamic to meet a variety needs. Green Egg Media has been using FoxyCart for clients that sell physical goods, subscriptions, and digital products for effective conversion for our clients. Throughout our experience using FoxyCart we have found it to be the easiest way for prospective customers to buy products off your website.

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Web Maintenance

Whether you are a new client or a long-standing partner, we can provide web maintenance services based on how often you need us. Not all client needs are the same. Some only require maintenance once a month, others have work for us once a week. Green Egg Media provides comprehensive maintenance plans of different levels to meet the varied needs of our varied clients.

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Video Production

If you're looking for high-quality, professional video production then look no further. With GEM, you get Hollywood level experience and quality (yes, the GEM team has actual experience working on Hollywood projects) without the egos, tabloids, and premium. Contact us to learn more about our experience with Video Production.

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Web Design

The GEM Team takes pride in having superior attention to detail in our design work. Our clients have commended our design work in custom design projects, redesign projects, and corporate branding efforts. Today’s web designs don’t only have to be beautiful, they have to be beautiful, functional, and responsive. Our designers are artists and engineers, suited to create impactful, effective designs for your project.

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Simplyfing your challenges in IT

Our goal is to identify your IT problems and challenges and determine the simplest, most elegant solution, customized and unique to you. Our IT Consulting experts use effective methods to deliver powerful results to you. We solve your IT problems by:

1. Find Key Areas to Target

We focus in on your existing pain points along with the core functionality and requirements of your product to gain the most momentum.


Then we step back and look at the big picture to maximizes efficiency. This allows us to address discrete problems while keeping the larger context in mind.


With this approach unforeseen issues surface quickly, so we can iterate, pivot, and reiterate as we go, refining our strategy dynamically and saving rework down the road.

Client Love for Green Egg Media
GEM worked closely with DSPT to design and administer a User Testing program to ensure that the site was easy to navigate and that people would be able to find everything they were looking for on the website. Dominican School of Philosophy and Theology
  • Customer Testimonial
    Bascom Northwest Ventures Web Design

    The website was so well received that Acquisitions Director, Robert Vallarino, described it as 'exactly what we were looking for'

  • Customer Testimonial Web Design,Web Development,E-Commerce,Website Management

    Between May, 2010, and April, 2014, we have seen an increase of nearly 425%, both in total sales and monthly revenue.

  • Customer Testimonial
    Manga Hero Web Design,Web Development,ExpressionEngine,E-Commerce,Website Management,Video Production

    (GEM) reworked the company's entire information architecture, consolidating multiple existing media properties across unique domains, and bringing them all under a single, unified brand identity.

  • Customer Testimonial
    Bluapple Web Design,Web Development,ExpressionEngine,E-Commerce,Website Management,Video Production

    Green Egg Media went through many iterations of a new design with the client until GEM arrived at the design that best met the needs of the client and their customers