Custom Software Development

With software designed for your business, you can do more than you ever thought possible.

The Custom Software Experience

If you’ve ever felt trapped by your out-of-the-box software, you’ve come to the right place. Custom software sets your business free to go in any direction necessary to accomplish goals. You’ll never again have to wonder if your software can keep up with your ideas. With a custom solution, the answer is always yes.

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Imagine the Possibilities

Successful businesses are dynamic — pivoting and shifting as necessary to seize opportunities and grow. Generic solutions limit you from doing that. Custom software is developed to uniquely address a business’s individual needs — from streamlining internal processes to overhauling entire business models.

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How We Can Help

We have spent the last 14 years developing custom software. What we’ve learned — and what you will too — is that true freedom comes with unlimited customization. That’s why we provide a level of customization you won’t find anywhere else. With us, the sky is not the limit, it’s the starting point.

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Custom Software Delivers

Everything you want and more — all from a tailor-made software.

Increase Productivity

Imagine the level of efficiency your team could have with a system crafted solely for their work and dedicated to streamlining their process.

Automate, Automate, Automate

With completely customizable software, you can put practically any process on autopilot — saving time, money and energy.

Engage Your People

Whether it’s your own employees or the customers that keep your business thriving, custom software can give them an experience like no other — from adding user-focused features to constructing an entirely new technology stack to serve your team.

Making the Change Has Never Been Easier

You don’t need to reinvent the wheel to make your business stronger, you just need better software. Here’s how to get it.


First, we’ll get together to discuss where you’re currently at and what your pain points are.

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Next, we determine what type of solutions will best fit your needs and talk about next steps.

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Once all the details are laid out, we get to work on your project and stay in close contact to update you throughout the process.

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Working with Green Egg Media is like working with an extension of our own team. The staff from the top down are friendly, down-to-earth, and truly care about what's best for each of their clients. Excellent communication skills, top-notch engineering, and customer-focused approach make them a rare find in the software development world!
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Heather Glenn
Marketing Manager, Ave Maria Press
Not long after Lance was starting up Green Egg Media, I was starting up the Crossing the Goal Ministry. A friend of mine told me about Lance, so I contacted him to set-up our website. Green Egg Media not only did an excellent job, but they have continued to manage our website for the past 12 years. Oh yea! We also have become great friends.
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Danny Abramowicz
Founder, Crossing The Goal Ministries / Former NFL Wide Receiver
Saints are known by their stories. Green Egg Media is doing an outstanding job of structuring and maintaining our websites in creative ways that inspire and motivate our audience to read about Servant of God Cora Evans, purchase books, schedule retreats and make donations. In addition to expert technology and graphic design capabilities, GEM is involved in marketing and promotion, and is very much a part of our team.
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Mike McDevitt
Executive Director, Mystical Humanity of Christ
Thank you so much! I honestly don't know what I would have done without you. I couldn't find anyone else who could help me. You're a true site-saver!
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Daniel Dunnam
Host, "The Sounds In My Head" Podcast
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