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ExpressionEngine Development

With over 10 years of experience, Green Egg Media is the best choice for any ExpressionEngine project.

What’s so great about ExpressionEngine?

When clients come to us, we often discover that some of their greatest challenges come from the CMS they’re using. Some clients have outgrown their CMS and need something a bit more robust, or sometimes their project was built on the wrong CMS in the first place. Popular “out-of-the-box” CMS solutions can be great options if they offer all the features you need, just the way you need them. But once you want to alter this functionality just a little bit, or tweak this or that design, or UI/UX, the rigidity of these DIY solutions "hacky" code and sensitive functionality.

There is no “one-size fits all” CMS, but we love ExpressionEngine because it is a highly customizable and dynamic system that is still easy to use and quick to get set up. ExpressionEngine comes with many powerful, user-friendly tools upon installation that allow for faster setup. However, EE also maintains complete flexibility for both major and minor changes. Additional functionality can be added to the EE CMS using existing plugins, or as custom functionality added by us. In short, we think ExpressionEngine offers some of the greatest balance between high levels of customization and ease of use and maintenance.

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ExpressionEngine in Action

The team at Landscape Architecture firm Carducci Associates, Inc. attends to every detail of their designs, puts great effort into their work, and takes great pride in it. For Carducci, a website of the same caliber was essential.

The site needed to function seamlessly behind beautiful, completely custom designs. Carducci needed control over image selection and display. They even wanted a custom animation included on one page. On top of all this, the site needed to be easy to manage. EE was the obvious solution for them. They got the full package: a high-functioning, high-design website that is low-maintenance. Win-win-win.

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Custom Development

Our success with ExpressionEngine projects arises from our 'build-from-scratch' mentality. If you need a custom feature that is unique to your business, we will find a way to make it happen, leveraging the foundations EE provides along with our creativity and expertise.

ExpressionEngine Maintenance

Our experience with ExpressionEngine means we can quickly come up to speed on any EE setup. GEM has provided full ExpressionEngine Maintenance for new and existing clients. If you need anything changed or added, we can handle it.

Design Flexibility

ExpressionEngine is totally design-agnostic. This means that the back-end architecture of an EE site can be built-to-order for your team’s content management needs without dictating design. Whether you’re working with templated or themed designs, or your designs are 100% custom: the designs you want artfully overlay the structure you want. No need to forfeit great designs for custom functionality--or vice versa.

Years of Knowledge

Green Egg Media has worked with ExpressionEngine since the release of EE 1. As a result, we have developed an intimate knowledge of this CMS and a number of different techniques and strategies to assist us in building elegant, powerful ExpressionEngine websites efficiently.

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