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Our core service offerings are IT strategy building and implementation, but this doesn’t only mean web design and development. Marketing and content creation is often an important part of a full IT strategy. While we can’t manage all aspects of implementing your content strategy in-house, we are uniquely qualified to handle your video production needs. Our founder, Lance Johnson, is not only a talented developer, but also brings with him a wealth of experience in the Hollywood film industry.

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Manga Hero

World Youth Day Promotion

In August, 2011, Green Egg Media traveled with Manga Hero to Madrid, Spain, to attend World Youth Day and promote Habemus Papamm a special edition graphic novel that was being given away to English- and Spanish-speaking pilgrims at the event. In advance of the trip, Green Egg Media produced a series of videos highlighting the story of the special edition graphic novel and during the event the production team interviewed hundreds of pilgrims about their experience of World Youth Day. A selection of these stories and interviews were then published at the special website b1six.com

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