Focusing on User-Centered Design

In our opinion, design must be user-centered first. This doesn’t mean that designs shouldn’t be beautiful, visually captivating, and delightful. It means that an essential part of our job is to find the balance between beauty and function. The people who will be using your product have particular needs and expectations, and it is crucial to your business goals that those are met. A beautiful product that doesn’t work isn’t going to help anyone.

When we say "user-centered design,” we mean that our designs consider the wide variety of users that will encounter and interact with your product. We profile your users so that we gain a deeper knowledge of what they are looking for in your product. Then we design for them--prioritizing your primary target users, but not ignoring other user-types that you may need to serve or that could be served, but are as yet on the margins of your market. Real user-centered design marks the difference between gaining new customers, satisfying existing customers, maximizing employee efficiency, and mediocrity at best.

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Communicating Through Web Design

Impactful design makes a statement. But not just any statement. When we review our work, of course we ask "Do these designs speak to their audience?". More importantly, however, we ask “Do these designs tell their audience about you? About your products? Your services? Your company and brand?” This isn't a revolutionary idea, but it is imperative to make sure that we are communicating effectively to your user. Otherwise, even the most spectacular designs just echo in space. Communicating with the user is one key element of designing websites that create memorable experiences and keep your users coming back.

Simplifying Ways For People to Reach You

The design team at Green Egg Media understands that conversion is a key goal for business owners. So, we ensure that conversion opportunities are incorporated into our designs frequently, but tastefully.


Customizing Web Products from Head to Foot-er

Your project will be unquestionably yours. We work with you to make sure your business brand, voice, and character shine through in every element. We never skip out on the details.


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Green Egg Media has something for everyone. Maybe even more than something. Take a look at our other services to see what else we can do to meet your project’s needs.