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Web Development

We have supreme attention to detail on every single line of code, down to the semicolons.

Creating Cleaner Code for Efficient Development

It is imperative that code is not only functional, it’s clean. Sloppy code makes rework unavoidable and scaling costly.

Clean code gives you the flexibility to make quick changes easily. It also streamlines large scale changes when you need them and gives you a greater degree of control. Green Egg Media writes every line of code with purpose, making your product pristine, solid, and ready for growth.

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Quality Work You Can See

Fully functional web products that are also beautiful rely on the code beneath the designs. We practice strong collaborative communication between the design and development teams to make the relationship between form and function seamless.

Transposing Design to Development

Sometimes we manage both design and development in-house, and sometimes our development team works with external design teams. This doesn't change our dedication to quality and our emphasis on communication. We will work with your designers or product owner as one team to ensure that we completely understand what the designs tell us about how your product should be experienced.

Collaborative Development with Design

Having designers involved in the development process and developers involved in the design process allows for greater cohesion between the two roles, and therefore between the two major pieces of your project. In our website development work, we practice the same attention to detail that we utilize in design, making development and design a very happy couple.

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