I live in river country, Minnesota, with my wife and son, and have well over a decade of experience in project management, business process analysis, user experience refinement, and project ownership. I joined Green Egg in June of 2022 as Director of Operations, and am thoroughly enjoying the opportunity to work closely with a small team and excellent clients.

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I love reading - particularly science fiction, fantasy, and Roman Catholic theology; board and card games, singing, cooking, gardening, and entertaining. I enjoy spending my time volunteering with local organizations, building fraternity and praying with others, and singing in my church’s schola.

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Star Wars VI


Almond Macchiato (not too sweet)

Place to Visit

Northern Minnesota forests or San Diego coast


Lord of the Rings


Pecan pie


Mary, Mother of God

Sports Team

The 1991 Minnesota Twins


Sushi, baked soft shell crab, paella– seafood in general!