I've had a varied career path, starting in Hollywood where I worked in production and visual effects. Working on Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban was a definite highlight of my film career. After leaving the film industry, I worked in public finance at the University of California. That wasn't nearly as magical as Harry Potter. In 2008, while working for UC, I started Green Egg Media and after 18 months of straddling higher ed and tech, I left the University and have been devoted to growing this awesome company since.

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I am a husband and father, and outside of work the two things to which I devote the majority of my time are faith and family. I enjoy food and wine, especially together, and hosting dinner parties is a favorite pastime. I try to play the piano every day, even if it is just one piece. I enjoy hiking and cycling, though I admittedly do too little of both. But nothing quite beats getting on the floor and playing trains with my wife and kids or going to church together on Sundays.

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